TB R1: THA-102-G02-T-00 TB R6: THA-607-G07-T TB R8: THA-809-G13-T TB SSF: THA-T-SSF
Project Title Expand service delivery such Directly Observed Treatments; Short course (DOTS) to under-privileged groups To Reduced TB morbidity in vulnerable populations Strengthening quality TB control amongvulnerable populations in Thailand Universal access to quality TB control and care in high risk groups and vulnerable populations and empowering communities in Thailand

To establish, expand WHO standard TB Care and Services to reach marginalized population and HIV infected Persons in Thailand


·   To reduce TB morbidity in Workplace

·   To strengthen the public health systems


To reduce morbidity and mortality of TB in line with the TB-related Millennium Development Goal 6, target 8: by 2015, TB incidence could be reversed and its prevalence

Access for all to reduce prevalence, morbidity and mortality of TB in line with MDG Goal



1.      Expansion of WHO Standard TB case management with DOTS strategy to control TB and prevent TB transmission in Large Prisons in Thailand

2.      Expansion of WHO Standard TB case management with DOTS strategy to control TB in Urban Poor Area Thailand

3.      Expansion of WHO Standard TB case management with DOTS strategy to control TB in border area and cross-border population in Thailand.

4.      Scale up and Expand integrated HIV-TB care and Prevention in high HIV prevalent provinces.



1.     To support workplaces in the development of supportive policies on TB, HIV and TB/HIV prevention and treatment;

2.      To promote knowledge and awareness of the management of participating companies and their employees in TB and HIV prevention, care support and treatment;

3.      To develop a national monitoring support structure to oversee treatment services for TB and TB/HIV patients and program progress in the workplace (among participating companies);

4.       To institutionalize an accreditation mechanism that certifies, NGOs and businesses in providing preventive, treatment and care services for TB and HIV;

5.      To strengthen national, regional, and provincial level laboratory systems; and

6.      To strengthen the National Tuberculosis Program at all levels.

1.     Pursuing high quality DOTS implementation;

2.     Address TB/HIV, MDR-TB and other challenges; and

3.     Empower communities and people with TB


1.      Expand and enhance high quality DOTS

2.      Address TB/HIV, MDR-TB and other challenges

3.      Harmonize the work of all public and private TB care providers in Bangkok

4.      Empower people with TB and communities


Target Group

1.      Prisoners

2.      People living in remote border area, cross-border migrants, displaced people in border camps and other area

3.      Urban poor, marginalized population living in urban area

4.      TB and HIV/AIDS patients and their families

5.      Health care providers, NGO staff, volunteers

1.     1,200,000 private sector workers in 6,000 companies;

2.     All patients under the Social Security Scheme in 60 private hospitals; and

3.     12 Regional Disease Control Offices Laboratory networks.

1.     Vulnerable populations, particularly children, the HIV infected, prisoners, and economically disenfranchised people; and

2.     Migrants.


1.      Thai and Non Thai population and Hill tribes and homeless and refugees and prisons

2.      Non Thai Migrants

3.      Slum dweller and Non Thai migrants/MSM and FSW

4.      Infection Control in the targeted hospitals



ระยะเวลาดำเนินงาน  1 ตุลาคม 2546-

30 กันยายน 2551 ขยายเวลาการดำเนินงานต่อ 8 เดือน ถึง 31 พฤษภาคม  2552


1 ตุลาคม 2550—30 กันยายน 2555

โครงการระยะที่ 1 ระยะเวลา 2 ปี

1 กรกฎาคม 2552-30 มิถุนายน 2554


โครงการระยะที่ 1 ระยะเวลา 3 ปี

1 ตุลาคม 2554-30 กันยายน 2557


Budget จำนวน 10,266,51USD จำนวน 7,988,441 USD จำนวน 9,022,671 USD

จำนวน 30,818,780 USD



8 SRs: DOC, BTB, WVFT- Ranong,

WVFT- Phangnga,

Kwai River Christian Hospital,

ATA- Chiang Mai,

Srivichai 5 Hospital,TBCA

2 SRs: BTB and TBCA 3 SRs: BTB, PIHWD, Rask-Thai 4 SRs: BTB, RTF, PIHWD, WVFT